Achieve a smaller gas bill in fire tube boilers

fire tube boilers

Achieve a smaller gas bill in fire tube boilers

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If we see the tv we all understand that it is important to contract gas use these days. energy costs seem as though they will rise for years to come and reducing your central heating system energy consumption can only be a good thing. The typical UK family spends roughly 50% of it’s energy costs on gas boiler energy use. Here’s a few easy to implement tips to help you get lower energy bills.


Check where you are using the fire tube boilers :

Heating radiators are made to be switched on and off. Have a look at whether there are any rooms in your office which are not being used and turn off the radiator there. Cutting the number of rooms which are heated will contract your gas use. Check that you also closed the entrance door to the room to stop air flow and cold draughts.


Don’t use the fire if you can use the heating boiler :

The fire is not as efficient as the central heating system and it will not heat the rest of your office. With coal or wood fires most of the heat disappears up the flue, an electric fire is nowhere near as efficient as the heating boiler.


Eliminate draughts with insulation

If you allow chilly draughts to come into your office then you need to pay for more energy to heat this air. Pay particular care to your doors and insulate any evident gaps. Block gaps in door and window frames with a foam based sealant. These type of gaps happen often in older offices as the foundations settle. Just light a wax candle in each room and follow how the flame flutters to trace down causes of drafts.


Ensure you are wearing warm clothing indoors :

If you are cold in the room put on some more clothes before you move to rise the thermostatic temperature. Amazingly, a 1° decrease in the room thermostat can result in a 10% reduction in your energy use.


Your curtains can help to control temperature :

The sun is very effective at heating your office in the winter, when shining, if you keep the curtains opened to allow it in. With dropping night-time outside temperatures your windowpanes can lose a lot of heat. Closing the drapes provides an insulating layer which helps stop this, if you take on this tactic over many months you can save large amounts on your heating bills. Thin curtains are not as effective as thick ones at preventing this heat loss.


Advice Around The Office :

Some heating fire tube boilers systems have a hot water tank and this must be insulated. Do not pay to heat water and then permit it cool down throughout the daylight.


Positioning metal foil behind radiators could save a large sum each year.


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