Another slot hoki Bad Choice?


Another slot hoki Bad Choice?

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Many of you bloggers remember the first Grublog Classic poker tourney. The slot hoki Grub took it upon himself to find a site willing to give us a private tourney. He worked hard and got screwed.

Choice Poker basically stole all of our money. Once it was put in, no one was able to cash out. We were robbed.

It seems as though Choice Poker wants us all to make another bad choice. I received an email today, an email I’m sure many of you also received.

I won’t post the whole thing, but I’ll give you some details with my reaction:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding while we searched for a solution to get Choice Poker back into action.

No patience, no understanding. I wrote you off. You stole money.

Although we apologize for the length of time it has taken to organize a final compensation package, please understand that the extra time was necessary to ensure that your interests and your current balance are fully protected.

Compensation package? This ought to be good. And isn’t it a relief to know are balances are fully protected? Bastards.

As part of the rescue package we have agreed that as soon as Choice Poker is re-opened on the ACR network, Choice Poker players with a current credit balance will have their credit balance restored in full and available for play as soon as we re-open.

Great, now I’ll finally be able to get my money back. It’s about damn time.

During this transition period Choice Poker players will be required to play “x” number of hands (on 1-2 games or higher) equivalent to their current credit balance before cashing out their credit balance. For example, if a Choice Poker player’s current credit balance is $100, then that player will be required to play 100 hands on 1-2 games or higher before qualifying to cash-out of 100% of their credit balance.

Huh? What? You mean my hard earned money that you stole from me isn’t even my money yet?!?!? My money that I deposited in your crooked poker site doesn’t belong to me??? I’ve got to play at $1/$2 or higher to earn my money back?!?!? Is this some kind of sick joke?!?!?

In addition, Choice Poker wishes to compensate their valued players for being patient and understanding. Accordingly, all Choice Poker players that have had account balances since April 1st. will receive a “We’re Sorry” promo bucks bonus equivalent to 25% of their credit balance on April 1st. 2004.

Wow… you’re sooooo generous. Throwing us a few meaningless bucks while we toil at your lame poker site just to earn back the money we should rightfully have in our bank account. Bastards.

And finally, to “Cap it” all off, all players that remain loyal to Choice and continue playing until December 31st. 2004, will further receive a 50% “rake rebate” for the previous 3 month period of play. This is in addition to any bonuses, comps or promotional money that you may receive or subscribe to during this period.

Oooooh… you really “capped it off” for me. Now I have to keep playing at the worst poker site in the world to get another few bucks from you. Of course, what’s to say you won’t just steal my money again in three months. Why should you be trusted?

In closing we would like to thank Americas Cardroom and BetCRIS management for this generous offer and we hope that all of you will remain loyal to Choice Poker.

Have a Lucky Day!

Thanks, but no thanks. Luckily, I only had about $50 in there when they decided to steal it. I don’t plan on wasting my time there. For some of you with larger bankrolls, it might be worth it.

If these guys really had their act together and really wanted to earn the trust of players back, they’d double all of our bankrolls and allow us to immediately withdraw what is rightfully ours. The rest could be a bonus that players could work off if they wished to.

Instead, they will continue to hold our money hostage. I plan on e-mailing this to the folks at Choice Poker hoping they’ll come to their senses. I’ll also inform them that hundreds of poker players every day will read this and inform them that I’ll encourage every other major poker blogger to link to this. I’ll let you know what I hear.

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