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Pre-Release: BCH-Powered Paybutton | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin

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Soupernerd, a well-known advocate for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), announced Tuesday the pre-release phase and testing phase of a new BCH powered payment button. The app will currently have a basic payment button, but plans are to add more features in the future.


Paybutton Developer Announces the Launch of Pre-Release


A new payment button,, allows users to tip and send bitcoin cash to content creators, websites, and services. Although the full release is still not available, Soupernerd, the developer of the app has announced the prerelease and testing phases. Soupernerd states that the Paybutton team is still waiting on Badger Wallet updates to activate this payment option. There is also more to be tested.


“ was pleased to announce our prerelease launch and testing phase,” stated Soupernerd in the Reddit forum, r/btc. You can host a paybutton to your website with a snippet code. Convert 160+ currencies to BCH live – [Paybutton] is fully managed on Github. website.


Paybutton creator Soupernerd explains that a lot goes to and Badger Wallet developers for making this platform possible. Soupernerd also says that the Paybutton developers have more in mind than just a payment button. Soupernerd outlines a static badge idea that could be attached to the BCH Zoo on the r/btc forum. The creator also shows images of donation badges and mentions “Paybutton Carts.” “We will keep the prerelease folders up until further notice, even for new releases.”


Pre-Release: BCH-Powered Paybutton on Shelter Humanity


Paybutton’s creator, ‘Soupernerd’, is well-known in the BCH community.


Other BCH-Powered Button Applications are in the Works


Paybutton joins two other BCH-based payment button apps that are still in development. After Ryan X Charles pulled bitcoin cash support out of his Money Button project, the applications began to emerge. Badger Wallet’s team has been refining a BCH-payment button since the Money Button was removed. also offers a bitcoin cash payment API and button.’s developer explained that would be a Money Button competitor to bitcoin cash. The project is now open-source and Ty Everett is leading it. He is seeking contributors.”


Pre-Release: BCH-Powered Paybutton


A preview of the static badge and an example of the current pop-up button.


Offering incentives to website hosts, blogs and content creators even if they can’t code


Soupernerd’s announcement was received enthusiastically on r/btc. BCH supporters look forward to a variety crypto-fueled payment buttons. One BCH supporter went on to describe their vision for how payment buttons could transform the internet.

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