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Merge Poker Network Re-Opens for American Players

The Merge Gaming Network will be allowing American players to sign-up at their 60+ skins within a week.  This news comes on the heels of Sportsbook.com allowing US-based sign ups yesterday.  Other skins should follow including RPM Poker, Lock Poker, and Carbon Poker. This is some of the most promising news since the Department of Justice cracked down on American online poker back in April. Since then PokerStars is the only site that has been able to process payments to American players, while those playing at FullTilt and the CEREUS Network have been left out in the cold.

The Merge Network closed its doors to American sign-ups in June, but allowed US-based players already playing to continue to do so.  The network cited many reasons for cutting of registrations including a major back-log in processing payouts.  Over the past few months, the Merge Network and their skins have been able to process the majority of their payouts, albeit at a slow pace. For some, checks have taken up to six weeks to reach their mailbox.

Merge currently ranks as one of the top-10 poker networks in the world, and is clearly the #1 site still servicing American players.  They are joined by Bodog and Cake poker as the three biggest networks allowing American players to enjoy the game.  There should be a large influx of American players who have been looking to get back into poker since April 15th.  Those signing up at Merge will find solid bonuses and a decent offering of games.  Their weekly Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed highlights their tournament series, and should only grow as more players sign up on the Merge Network.

Only time will tell if this is a good move for those running Merge.  They could gain a large amount of new players, increasing …


DigiByte price is soaring DGB Minecraft Memes and Citibank, says Crypto Gambling experts

This morning it became apparent that the cryptocoin called DigiByte ($DGB) was set to skyrocket in price. In the past 24 hours, the price of the coin went up a cool 43%, and beat its own previous top price (from May 21st) – once, and hasn’t looked back since. But why – why has DigiByte suddenly turned into the third most traded coin on the market overnight? We’ve got a few answers.


  1. Minecraft Integration

There’s some confusion when it comes to this particular point, but the end result is the same – DigiByte will indeed have their own Minecraft server soon. To be super clear, this does not mean that Mojang nor Microsoft are affiliated with DigiByte, nor the other way around. This has nothing to do – nothing directly, anyway – to do with the release of the Minecraft Marketplace this week, the Discovery Update 1.1, or Minecraft Coins.

The Minecraft DigiByte server will be housed at Mine That Digi and it’ll be launched on the 10th of June, 2017. That’ll coincide with the event taking place on the 9th with Citi. This is just one part of the puzzle.

The reason this Minecraft announcement has caught on in the crypto-hype market is its perfect timing with the two events mentioned above. Minecraft Marketplace with Minecraft Coins launched this week on Bedrock Platforms, and DigiByte (official) is going to make a presentation at a Citi event.

UPDATE: Just for kicks we’ve also reached out the the Minecraft team at Microsoft to ask if any DigiByte business was coming to Minecraft in the near future. They said that this was “the first they’d heard of it”. So that’ll be a final nail in the coffin of that particular angle.

  1. Meme Contest

There’s …

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