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Sometimes you might wonder what to write about. In this book you’ll learn how to write content that ranks! The authors help you execute keyword research, create great content and plan and strucure your content well. You’ll get load of tips on how to write better and in an attractive style.

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Does it really take 400 L of water to make 1 L of cold drink? Watch out for Translation Company UK

It is surprising to know that 1 million traders in Tamil Nadu, according to this Time update, are taking cold drink bottles from Coca-Cola and Pepsi off their shelves because these multinationals are using up the state’s scarce water resources. The traders are replacing these bottles of cold drinks with local, fruit-based brands.

It’s quite surprising to know that it takes 400 L of water to make 1 L of cold drink. If this really happens, it is such a waste and something desperately needs to be done about this.

Actually it takes 1.9 L of water to make a small bottle of Coca-Cola but that is at the factory level. Activists in the state say that  sugarcane farming takes up lots of water. Coca-Cola is the biggest buyer of sugarcane in the country and PepsiCo is the third-largest sugarcane buyer in the country.  So if you add up the water used to grow sugarcanes, it comes out to be 400 L water to make 1 L of cold drink.

The problems with multinationals is that  they’re very disconnected with local problems and this is why inviting foreign investment is always a double-edged sword. It brings advanced technology to the country  and it also generates employment but since  these companies are not directly connected to the soil of the country, they don’t have any long-term interest in taking care of the local environment.

The same happens with web server farms The use of lots of water, lots of precious water.

It’s a blessing in disguise though. Bringing for the gold rings anyway is not good for health and it is good that people are being encouraged to consume beverages made of fruits. Though this may bring its own set of problems.

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