Things to know about Focus Supplementsby Vimgo

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Things to know about Focus Supplementsby Vimgo

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Energy drinks such as Rockstar can be purchased easily at many grocery or convenience stores. While they can be helpful for individuals who have various reasons for needing a boost, taking them in large amounts can be unsafe. There are also some people with increased sensitivity to some ingredients used that can already experience some Rockstar energy drink side effects even after consuming just a single can.


One of the main ingredients of this product is caffeine. According to studies, a single can of the product basically contains the same amount of the substance found in a cup of coffee. However, since a can isn’t hot as coffee which can take the drinker some time to finish, the amount of caffeine flooding the blood stream can be so sudden. This can be dangerous, especially for someone with a pre-existing medical condition which involves the cardiovascular system.


Someone who has consumed lots ofFocus Supplements it may experience palpitation. The heart rate may become very fast or pounding, or both. It’s also possible for the heart rate to become irregular. The blood pressure is also affected, causing it to increase. For someone who has a heart disease, this is enough to cause a heart attack.


Especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may experience stomach cramping, headache, nausea and vomiting. Jitteriness is another thing that you’re likely to experience. You may notice that your hands may shake for as long as the substance is taking effect. Some people even reported they suffered from anxiety and depression after having too much of the product.


One effect of caffeine in the body is diuresis. In simple terms, this is the increased frequency of urination. Urinating frequently in itself isn’t really dangerous. However, when you sweat a lot at the same time, that’s when you’re at greater risk for ending up dehydrated. The problem is many people who exercise or pump iron at the gym consume this energy drink before or during working out to boost their performance.


Frequent urination and excessive sweating is a bad mix. This combination doesn’t only take place at the gym, but also at bars. There are alcoholic mixes available at bars which contain this beverage, and they‘re quite popular especially among the youth. But to give you an idea why those two don’t mix, alcohol is a depressant while the other is a stimulant.


This can make you lose track of the amount of alcohol you have already taken. The stimulant covers up the effects of being intoxicated. Before you know it, you may have already consumed lots of alcohol. Guarana is another ingredient of the product, whose effects is similar to caffeine. That much stimulant in an alcoholic beverage can be quite risky.


Another one of those Rockstar energy drink side effects is difficulty of getting to sleep. Individuals with insomnia may find it harder to sleep, especially if they take the beverage a few hours before bedtime. Those who like to stay alert or awake for the night, such as college students who need to review a lot of stuff, may find the product helpful. But when the effects of the ingredients wear off, such as caffeine and guarana, a crash may be experienced.



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