toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-1-Results


toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-1-Results

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The 2008 World Championship of Online Poker kicked off yesterday, September 5th, at toto hk !  In total, there will be 33 different events with over $30 million guaranteed throughout them!  There are still many satellites running until the main event, which is on September 21st.  The buy-in is $5,200 with $10 million guaranteed, if that’s too steep you can try to qualify for as low as $4.40.

Event 1 of the WCOOP 2008 proved that this years series was going to the the biggest ever.  The game was no-limit hold’em 6-max with a $215 buy-in and at least $1,000,000 guaranteed.  However, the players laughed at PokerStars as 7,217 registered bringing the prize pool up to $1.4 million!  With that many people registered, 1080 would walk away with at least $303 with a seat at the final table being worth $23k.  But all eyes were on the top prize, which was $212k.  All of the toughest online and live pros were ready to kick off the biggest online tournament series ever!

The structure and payouts of this years WCOOP changed a bit, bringing mixed reactions.  The most noteable change was in terms of the payouts, which was very steep weighted towards 1st place.  Just to show an example, if you made the final 3 tables of event 1, which would mean you took 13th – 18th out of 7,217, you would earn .25% of the prize pool or $3,600.  This seems pretty low for such a large field.  The winner would be awarded a huge 15% or $212,179.  To compare to the last Sunday Million, 7,212 players registered, 13th place was worth .35% $5,250, and 1st place 12.3% or $184,500.  The WCOO events seem much more top heavy.

Also, players only started with 3,000 chips compared to 10,000 in the Sunday Million.   However, the structure was better with 30 minute blinds starting at 10/20. 3 hours into the event, the blinds would be 125/250/25 whereas in the Sunday Million it would be 400/800.  So in all the structure was a little worse, making it faster, but there was still plenty of room for play.

It would take 12.5 hours, but at 5:00 AM ET, the final table was formed.  The final table bubble boy, doubledave22, had some bad luck when his KK was out run by TT.   doubledave22 is no rookie to tournament play, as he finished 3rd in an FTOPS event just one month ago for $105k.  He collected just over $9k for his 7th place finish.  When the final table started,it was shane147 who was sitting with the dominant chip lead:

shane147 (6,851,221 in chips)

SilverSocks (4,864,367 in chips)

– DoV – (3,437,180 in chips)

scarface_79 (3,013,834 in chips)

pffwhatever (2,259,042 in chips)

CURDOG1KCK (1,225,356 in chips)

When the cards were first dealt, players immediately begin discussing a deal.  The tournament was paused, if the players even chopped they could have grabbed $99k with $20k left to play for.  However the big stacks found this very unfair, and a chip chop was turned down by the shorter stacks.  After the 10 minute discussion, the cards were back to being dealt.  At this point the blinds had hit  20k/40k/4k, which still gave time to the shorter stacks.  This is good because it wasn’t just an all-in fest.

It seemed the players were doing just that, sitting back and waiting for a spot.  Most hands were going raise/fold until finally an all-in confrontation happened.   The chipleader shane147 who had been very aggressive with his stack raised 5x utg to 200k, and scarface_79 re-raised to 900k.  When it folded back to shane147 he pushed all-in and was instantly called and in trouble, his KQo was miles behind the QQ of scarface_79.  The flop came TT9 which gave 4 more outs to shane, and the turn was the gin J, giving shane147 a straight.  The river was a 9 which sent scarface_79 out in 6th place for $23,686.

CURDOG1KCK  started the final table as the short stack and was definitely the tightest player at the table.  He kept folding and folding until he was down to 425k.  He finally went all-in out of the small blind with A7s and was called by SilverSocks with K9.  The flop was damaging for  CURDOG1KCK, Q95 and he fell behind.  However, the turn dropped the Ad, giving him back the lead.  But it was not meant to be as the Kd fell on the river, giving SilverSocks two pair and the win.   CURDOG1KCK  earned $49,075 for 5th place.

The chip lead had changed hands many times when it was down to four way action, and eventually all the stacks were pretty even:

shane147 (6,980,230 in chips)

SilverSocks (5,616,959 in chips)

– DoV – (4,970,488 in chips)

pffwhatever (4,083,323 in chips)

The blinds were 40k/80k/8k, so no one had to be in any hurry.  However, after 3 hours at the final table, players seemed to get impatient.  Only 2 players were out after the first three hours, but the tournament would only last 7 more minutes!  In 4th place it was – DoV – when his TT was outrun by the J6s of shane147.  The flop was a close one, 89J, but no straight would come.  – DoV – earned $76,500.  Next to go was SilverSocks, when he made the mistake of getting all-in against shane147 who just couldn’t lose.  SilverSocks was holding AT which was dominated by the AQ of shane147.  The Q on the flop sealed it and SilverSocks was awarded $106,089 for 3rd place.

When heads up play started, shane147 had over a 4:1 chip lead:

shane147 (17,623,677 in chips)

pffwhatever (4,027,323 in chips)

With blinds at 40k/80k/8k, they were 50 bbs deep so they could have played some poker.  However, in just 3 hands both players were all-in with pffwhatever holding ATs and shane147 K9s.  No cards would come for either player, and pffwhatever would get an early double up.  But just 7 hands later, another all-in occurred, pffwhatever raised and shane147 re-raised all-in.  pffwhatever called and showed AJo which was in great shape against the J2o of shane147.  But the flop came down 2KQ which gave shane147 the lead.  The turn bricked 4, and the river paired the K, which gave shane147 the win!  pffwhatever collected $148,670 for his runner up finish and shane147 earned himself the first WCOOP bracelet and $212,179!  Congratulations to shane147 and everyone who finish in the money, listed below:

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