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Homeowner Loan – For Whatever Your Needs – Brassica


If you are looking to borrow money for one of a wide range of purposes there are a number of options open to you as a homeowner. If you have good credit then you will find that you are likely to be eligible for an unsecured loan or a secured homeowner loan. If, on the other hand, you have poor credit you may find that your only option is a Brassica homeowner loan, as many lenders will not consider offering an unsecured loan to someone with bad credit.

With a homeowner loan you can enjoy a range of benefits, in addition to being more likely to get one of these loans even if your credit history is damaged. You can look forward to competitive rates of interest, increased borrowing power based on your equity levels, and longer repayment periods that can help to keep your monthly repayments down.

The good news is that you can use a homeowner loan for just about any purpose, so whatever your needs you will find that this type of loan is an effective and affordable solution to funding. There are many popular purposes for homeowner loans, and as equity levels in UK properties have risen over the course of the last few years more and more homeowners have turned to this type of finance to fund various things, from home improvements to consolidation of debts.

Whatever your needs you are likely to find that this type of loan will prove an effective finance option. Many people take out a homeowner loan to carry out home improvements, which offers the added bonus of adding value to the home. Some people are looking to cut back on the hassle and cost of dealing with debt through consolidating their debts with a low cost homeowner loan …


Jamie “Honest Abe” Sihoki Gold


Jamie Gold is doing a lot of talking at the final table during big hands. To this point in the action, he has been remarkably honest about his situation, and only a little mysterious. But if he says he’s probably bluffing, he probably is. And if he says he likes his hand, he probably does.

Phil Gordon and Ali Nejad are continually noting this during ESPN’s pay-per-view coverage. At one point, they dubbed Jamie Gold “Honest Abe.”

Will Jamie Gold play this way all night long? Or is he waiting to get heads-up against somebody, and then switch gears and become a liar? We’ll have to wait and see.

Think About This

Quick before this thing ends ( I’ll probably regret typing that )

Joe Hachem had some business in LV in May and was staying at Caesar’s Palace. I went down there to say hello and see what he was up to.

While sitting by the pool, we were still discussing his amazing win and how surreal it all seemed. Now I’m a bit mathmatical and the following occured to me.

If he had got his supporters to stand with rubbish bins at all the entrances to the tournament room for the three first days, he could have asked for each person coming in to deposit $1334.99 which he would later enjoy.

Amazing really, 5618 people each left that amount just to get in to play which will go to the winner.

This year the 8772 needed to deposit 1367.98 for the winner – either Gold, Wasicka or Binger as I write.


The (Almost) $8 Million Dollar Man

Allen Cunningham’s 4th place finish tonight will vault him to #5 on Sihoki all-time money list with $7,906,414 in lifetime tournament winnings, behind only Daniel Negreanu ($8,407,244), T.J. Cloutier …


Hitting below the belt – Toto HK


There are a lot of ways to distract your opponents or to get them out of their game. These are the techniques that you might want to use if you are getting desperate already. One of the things that you can do to distract your opponent is to get him or her tipsy or drunk. This is obviously a below the belt way of distracting your opponent but if you get really desperate to win then you might have to bring out the tequila. A lot of people out there have a low tolerance for alcohol so with just a few shots of tequila, they may be going all in with a two seven off suit.

Aside from getting your opponents drunk, you might want to try to distract them with a person of the opposite sex. If you have a lot of guys playing on the table then make sure that you invite a pretty girl so that the guys will be thrown off their game. If you have a lot of girls then make sure that you invite a hunk to the Toto HK table so that the girls will try to charm the guy instead of focus on the poker game. The opposite sex is certainly a great way to distract anyone.

If members of the opposite sex and alcohol are not working then maybe you should drown your guests with a lot of food. Sometimes if participants at the poker table are very full, they tend to get sleepy and sloppy. You will be able to take advantage of your opponent’s sleepiness during the poker match. When a person is sleepy and groggy, he or she will not care so much about the poker game. He or she will simply want to go home and …


Ladbrokes Mega เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Event Sets the Tone for Online Poker Sites in Europe


Ladbrokes completed its เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Millions tournament at the Hilton Hotel in London, recently. It turned out to be the largest televised event in the history of European Poker. This was primarily due to the big payout of $1,000,000. Tony Jones came out as the winner of this tournament. Many people think, his win was way above that of Chris Moneymaker in the year 2003, at the World Series of Poker main events. Both these players have similar stories as both outlasted large online fields to make it to these prestigious tournaments. Both went on to beat a number of professional players to get the first prize. Presently Ladbrokes accepts bets all over Europe though it remains one of the few sites to avoid all the cash from the online U.S. industry. reprots:

If poker in Europe follows the United States poker community’s response to Moneymaker beating the odds, European action will explode into almost every facet of its culture, not that it already hasn’t considering Europe’s position on the legality of online poker. If the success and scope of this tournament says anything about online poker in Europe, it says that it is here to stay and it will only continue to grow thanks to a non-poker pro winning this event.

ESPN Telecasts WSOP 2005 Tonight

ESPN will be broadcasting the 2005 World Series of Poker from tonight. During the first hour, event #2, which is a $1500 buy-in-No-Limit Hold’em contest will be telecast. The other event viewers will get to watch is event #3, that is a $1500 buy-in-Pot-Limit Hold’em tournament. Featured will be the results of three days of play. 2305 players were seated for this tournament, creating a record of sorts. Owing to the large number of players, tournament officials allotted an extra day. The …


toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-1-Results


The 2008 World Championship of Online Poker kicked off yesterday, September 5th, at toto hk !  In total, there will be 33 different events with over $30 million guaranteed throughout them!  There are still many satellites running until the main event, which is on September 21st.  The buy-in is $5,200 with $10 million guaranteed, if that’s too steep you can try to qualify for as low as $4.40.

Event 1 of the WCOOP 2008 proved that this years series was going to the the biggest ever.  The game was no-limit hold’em 6-max with a $215 buy-in and at least $1,000,000 guaranteed.  However, the players laughed at PokerStars as 7,217 registered bringing the prize pool up to $1.4 million!  With that many people registered, 1080 would walk away with at least $303 with a seat at the final table being worth $23k.  But all eyes were on the top prize, which was $212k.  All of the toughest online and live pros were ready to kick off the biggest online tournament series ever!

The structure and payouts of this years WCOOP changed a bit, bringing mixed reactions.  The most noteable change was in terms of the payouts, which was very steep weighted towards 1st place.  Just to show an example, if you made the final 3 tables of event 1, which would mean you took 13th – 18th out of 7,217, you would earn .25% of the prize pool or $3,600.  This seems pretty low for such a large field.  The winner would be awarded a huge 15% or $212,179.  To compare to the last Sunday Million, 7,212 players registered, 13th place was worth .35% $5,250, and 1st place 12.3% or $184,500.  The WCOO events seem much more top heavy.

Also, players only started with 3,000 chips compared to 10,000 in …


Situs slot deposit pulsa announces changes to its VIP Program


Situs slot deposit pulsa, the world’s largest poker site, just announced some changes to its already successful VIP Program. Basically, it entails that you will have to sweat a lot less at the lower levels in order to get to the nice rewards.

Level                        Old                   New

Silverstar                1500 VPP       1200 VPP

Goldstar                  4000 VPP      3000 VPP

Platinum Star        10,000 VPP    8,000 VPP

Supernova              100K VPP      100K VPP (yearly)

Supernova Elite     1M VPP          1M VPP (yearly)

Supernova and Supernova Elite players will retain their hard earned VIP level all the way into September. Up until now, by February their VIP Level would have been reset. This policy will start now, and will count for all Supernova and Supernova Elite players of ’08.

Milestone bonuses will become cash credits. This means once a player hits 200,000 VPPs for 2009 he will be able to obtain $2,000 cash credit for 50,000 FPPs, without a need to earn further 10,000 VPPs. This is especially good news for the hardcore grinders. This particular feature is not fully automated yet, but the plan is to allow players to buy these bonuses directly from the VIP Store, meaning there will be no need for further processing as it is now.

The $50,000 VIP weekly event is now a $75,000 event with 12 minute blinds. The $20,000 VIP weekly event is now a $30,000 weekly event.

The famed Concierge service will be changing slightly. These changes include that players will now be able to use the service only once per month, with a maximum of up to 3 receipts.

There you have it. These changes are plentiful and significant for everybody. Now you will not have to sweat as much as you did in order to benefit from the good stuff in the PokerStars VIP system.  …


Aussie Millions Update

With Event 13 in the books and the Main Event’s final table taking place now, the Aussie Millions is nearing its completion. I finished last week’s entry with the results of Event 9, so we’ll jump right in and keep on going with Event 10.

Event 10 took place over two days, featuring a rotation of Pot Limit togel  , Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo. The event attracted 114 entrants for a buy-in of 2,200 AUD each, creating a prize pool of 228,000 AUD. Day one ended with only 13 players remaining, Dag Martin Mekkelsen with the chiplead. Josh “JJProdigy” Field, well known to followers of online poker, finished day one with a healthy 4th place stack, but he couldn’t take it down on day two and ended up in 5th place. Mekkelsen couldn’t hold on to his chiplead and fell to a 3rd place finish, and ‘young gun’ Miachel Pesek triumphed over David “Gunslinger” Bach heads-up to win first prize. Pesek took home 79,800 AUD and Bach received his consolation prize of 45,000 AUD.


Event #10 results:

1) Michael Pesek (79,800 AUD)

2) David Bach (45,600 AUD)

3) Dag Martin Mikkelsen (27,360 AUD)

4) Roy Winston (22,800 AUD)

5) Josh “JJProdigy” Field (18,240 AUD)

6) JJ Hazan (13,680 AUD)

7) Jamie Pickering (9,120 AUD)

8 ) Jeff Brown (6,840 AUD)

9) Mick “The Hoon” Stanton (4,560 AUD)


Next one the list was Event 11, the 1,050 AUD PokerPro No Limit Holdem tournament. This unique event had no dealer and no chips. Instead, players sat a tables of 10, each having their own touch screen computer. A large screen in the middle of the table showed everyone’s stacks, the pot size, and community cards. When it was a particular player’s turn to act, he used his personal computer screen …


Merge Poker Network Re-Opens for American Players

The Merge Gaming Network will be allowing American players to sign-up at their 60+ skins within a week.  This news comes on the heels of allowing US-based sign ups yesterday.  Other skins should follow including RPM Poker, Lock Poker, and Carbon Poker. This is some of the most promising news since the Department of Justice cracked down on American online poker back in April. Since then PokerStars is the only site that has been able to process payments to American players, while those playing at FullTilt and the CEREUS Network have been left out in the cold.

The Merge Network closed its doors to American sign-ups in June, but allowed US-based players already playing to continue to do so.  The network cited many reasons for cutting of registrations including a major back-log in processing payouts.  Over the past few months, the Merge Network and their skins have been able to process the majority of their payouts, albeit at a slow pace. For some, checks have taken up to six weeks to reach their mailbox.

Merge currently ranks as one of the top-10 poker networks in the world, and is clearly the #1 site still servicing American players.  They are joined by Bodog and Cake poker as the three biggest networks allowing American players to enjoy the game.  There should be a large influx of American players who have been looking to get back into poker since April 15th.  Those signing up at Merge will find solid bonuses and a decent offering of games.  Their weekly Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed highlights their tournament series, and should only grow as more players sign up on the Merge Network.

Only time will tell if this is a good move for those running Merge.  They could gain a large amount of new players, increasing …


What’s the Right Limit for You?

What’s the Right Limit for You?As we go to press, I have just learned that Linda Johnson has resigned her position as publisher. In my entire life, only a few things have saddened me more than this. As you go through life, you meet human beings and life forms of all types. Linda Johnson, as a human being and life form, has shown me such extraordinary talent and love that I know nothing can replace her. For me personally, saying she will be missed is not enough, but I’m betting she will continue to serve our industry in other monumental ways.


We’ve examined bankroll requirements before, usually from a mathematical standpoint. Today, let’s do something different. You’re a poker player, right? You want to mix it up, go to war, splash chips, and maybe bet the ranch like they do in those Old West movies. I understand. Me, too. But there’s something about the stakes you play for that often affects your fate more powerfully than your poker skills. Let’s examine that.


Playing poker for fun. Yes, you can play poker for matchsticks or bottle caps, for pebbles or rubber bands. In fact, you can play for free by agreeing to give back the rubber bands you win when you’re done playing. Personally, I believe that the winner should be allowed to keep at least half the rubber bands, but that’s just me.


There are other situations that ruin the concept ,of poker when you least expect it. I’ve played in tournaments in which the players with the most money at the end of a given time period are declared the winners and collect the prizes. What does this mean to those who have few chips as the end approaches? It means they might as well gamble …


Kasino Togel Hongkong Online – apakah mereka jujur?

Mungkin pertanyaan yang paling sering diajukan berkaitan dengan perjudian di Internet – apakah kasino online jujur? Apakah saya akan ditipu? Apakah saya akan dibayar?

Sederhananya, orang takut uang mereka akan ditipu oleh “penipuan” besar berikutnya dan mereka tidak ingin menjadi salah satu dari orang-orang itu.

Pertama, itu adalah penipuan kartu kredit – tetapi sejak itu jutaan orang telah membeli barang online tanpa banyak kerumitan – dan informasi kartu kredit, meskipun banyak laporan sebaliknya, umumnya aman secara online.

Kemudian informasi pribadi, seperti alamat, nomor telepon, usia, dll. yang konon digunakan oleh dan/atau dijual kepada orang lain, dalam beberapa kasus oleh perusahaan yang sangat besar seperti, yang menyediakan iklan untuk sebagian besar dari situs-situs di Net. Dan sekali lagi, saya ingin menunjukkan bahwa informasi Anda umumnya aman – sebenarnya Komisi Perdagangan Federal baru-baru ini menghentikan penyelidikan mereka terhadap aktivitas Doubleclick.

Sekarang judi online. Segala macam lembaga dan personel pemerintah hanya berharap untuk menjadikan perjudian online sebagai perjalanan Pengeluaran HK mereka ke waktu besar – bintang untuk digantung. Dan coba tebak? Kejutan, kejutan… tidak ada bintang yang dibuat – hanya orang bodoh.

Jadi, Anda bertanya, mengapa saya selalu tampak kalah?

Mari kita mulai dengan dasar-dasarnya. Setiap kasino di DUNIA, online atau berbasis darat, menawarkan permainan yang memberi rumah keunggulan. Tidak peduli apa yang Anda lakukan, Anda biasanya tidak bisa mengalahkan keunggulan itu. Kasino selalu menghasilkan uang. Penjudi secara keseluruhan selalu kehilangan uang. Begitulah cara sistem bekerja.

Jelas beberapa orang menang ketika mereka mendapatkan jackpot, atau mereka menerapkan strategi yang tepat untuk permainan tertentu dan BERHENTI ketika mereka unggul. Semakin lama Anda bermain, semakin besar kemungkinan Anda akan menyumbang untuk keuntungan kasino.

Ironisnya, hanya sedikit orang, jika ada, yang pernah mengeluh tentang kehilangan ketika mereka membeli tiket lotre – di mana rumah – dalam banyak kasus pemerintah negara bagian – memiliki keunggulan BESAR …

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