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Situs slot deposit pulsa announces changes to its VIP Program


Situs slot deposit pulsa, the world’s largest poker site, just announced some changes to its already successful VIP Program. Basically, it entails that you will have to sweat a lot less at the lower levels in order to get to the nice rewards.

Level                        Old                   New

Silverstar                1500 VPP       1200 VPP

Goldstar                  4000 VPP      3000 VPP

Platinum Star        10,000 VPP    8,000 VPP

Supernova              100K VPP      100K VPP (yearly)

Supernova Elite     1M VPP          1M VPP (yearly)

Supernova and Supernova Elite players will retain their hard earned VIP level all the way into September. Up until now, by February their VIP Level would have been reset. This policy will start now, and will count for all Supernova and Supernova Elite players of ’08.

Milestone bonuses will become cash credits. This means once a player hits 200,000 VPPs for 2009 he will be able to obtain $2,000 cash credit for 50,000 FPPs, without a need to earn further 10,000 VPPs. This is especially good news for the hardcore grinders. This particular feature is not fully automated yet, but the plan is to allow players to buy these bonuses directly from the VIP Store, meaning there will be no need for further processing as it is now.

The $50,000 VIP weekly event is now a $75,000 event with 12 minute blinds. The $20,000 VIP weekly event is now a $30,000 weekly event.

The famed Concierge service will be changing slightly. These changes include that players will now be able to use the service only once per month, with a maximum of up to 3 receipts.

There you have it. These changes are plentiful and significant for everybody. Now you will not have to sweat as much as you did in order to benefit from the good stuff in the PokerStars VIP system.  …

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